This Woman’s Last Words To Her Dad May Change Your Life Forever

This 27-year old American, Natalie Patrick, decided to leave the country after a horrible argument with her father last month. The argument was about her interracial relationship with a South African citizen by the name of Alexander James and has caused even more controversy about the growing racism in America. Now just two months after moving to Cape Town, Natalie’s parents want her to return home… but for a completely different reason.

Natalie Patrick and her relationship with her parents is normal for the most part.  But the one thing they can not agree on is the type of men Natalie chooses to date.  Her relationship with her father, Bill Patrick, became much worse when Natalie’s plans with her current boyfriend, Alexander James, included marriage.

Alexander James, an international business consultant, first met Natalie during a 14-month work project in Nashville, Tenessee.

“She came to a meeting where both our teams were introduced, and when I saw here, time just stopped,” Alexander remembers. “I knew from that moment on, that she was the one.”

The couple started dating immediately and their love was passionate since the beginning.  About 10 months later, Natalie told her parents about Alexander and how important he was to her.  Natalie’s family, especially her father Bill Patrick, did not take it well.  According to Natalie, her father verbally abused her and threatened to disown her if she ever married a “black man”.

Horribly upset at the situation, Natalie didn’t feel safe around her family and decided that she wanted to start a new life with Alexander.  The couple left for Cape Town, South Africa a week later.

“The first week was incredible because Cape Town is such a beautiful and amazing place,” said Natalie.  “But I still needed a job.  Alex paid for everything including my plane ticket.”

It wasn’t until a couple days later, Natalie’s father Bill sent her a message on Facebook desperately apologizing and asking her to come home.

“I had to call my parents, since we haven’t spoken since I left home.  I wanted to let them know that I was safe and happy, thinking that’s the only thing that parents want to know about their children,” said Natalie. “I was wrong.”

“Apparently they would forget everything if I came home but without Alexander.  They just didn’t understand my decision and I knew that it was time to let them go,” Natalie said teary-eyed.

Just before leaving the country for her honeymoon, Natalie left a post on Facebook that read:

I saw Will Smith on Instagram talking about a Rumi quote that I just fell in love with…

“Set your life on fire.  Seek Those who fan your flames.” – Rumi

The people that you spend time with will make or break your dreams.  Everybody doesn’t deserve to be around you even your Mom and Dad, so you have to defend your heart for your life.

Your heart always will always find a way to lead you to the people you’re suppose to be with.  If I didn’t follow my heart and join Alexander in Cape Town, I wouldn’t have been happy.  I wouldn’t have a chance to surround myself with more accepting people.  I wouldn’t have the amazing life I have now.  But, the truth is I did and that’s what made all the difference.

We want to thank Natalie and Alexander for sharing their heartwarming story.  And truly wish them the best on their honeymoon!

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