Office Items Every Bitcoin Fan Needs

Bitcoin has been taking the internet by storm and has now become daily news with it's worth reaching all time highs without slowing down. More and more people are getting into the popular cryptocurrency. Just like with many things that we are fans of we tend to express our passion for them. Bitcoin fans can now express themselves in the office by getting office supplies custom made for the cryptocurrency. Take a look at the list below to see what you can add to your desk at work. 


1. Custom mugs are quite popular in the office and a great canvas for expressing oneself. Why not get a Bitcoin mug?

2. Pretty much every office has computers at each desk depending on the business. Mousepads are another great way to express oneself without being to out there. 

3. Tablets have become a popular device in the office, especially among people that go to meetings all the time, having a pen to navigate the touch screen can be quite handy. Why not add a bit of character with them by expressing your fandom of Bitcoin. Get your pens here!


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