Exclusive Interview: Homeless In Dublin Saved By Man's Unforgettable Philosophy

"No one dares to imagine what it's like to be poor" a sad truth stated by Kenneth Douley, "because everybody is afraid to ask what's it like to be hungry, to not eat for three days, and be 3 months late in your rent payments. No ... no one dares."

The 54-year-old millionaire has long been helping people struggling to get their life in order, for he too, was once very poor due to his drug addiction.

“People think it’s easy to feel like a disappointment lurking around the streets, with them begging money, trading every spare change given with what little dignity they have left.” said Kenneth, “but believe me, no one hates it more than they do. I know I did.”

Back then, Kenneth was a mathematics professor who lost his job and struggled to find something new, and people--including his former students and colleagues--tried their best to stay away from him.

He also went to different diners, begging for work and even food that was being thrown away. Still, people would tell him to go away. According to him, there was even one bar owner (a dad of a former student of his) that often tells him to "f*ck off".

“The truth is, most people are just one job loss away from being homeless. And making mistake after mistake like I did leads you to that direction. Yet people treat poor people like garbage, like all of us are way above them, like we can never sink to as low as them. Well, think again.”

When it all turned around

At the beginning of 2013, finding himself homeless and having only a handwritten sign that reads "will do your calculus for chicken fingers", Kenneth Douley stood at a busy street at Montreal while feeling cold and hopeless.

“Being a broke and a homeless addict, standing in the middle of the street ... even my family severed all connections with me,” Douley mentioned in an interview.

Kenneth Douley was desperately trying to win back his life after it was destroyed by drugs and alcohol. But he had not a single clue where to start. He remembers holding a sign describing his talents near a highway in Montreal, Canada.

Kenneth’s dream of quitting street life and coming back to doing what he loves finally came true when a former student posted a video of him solving an impossible problem that other professors had trouble with.

In just three days, Douley went viral. He got a haircut, a shave and offers for work came, including being an executive assistant at a the gaming company that created Flappy Bird.

“It was the happiest day of my life” ~ Douley

Now, the mathematical genius has another dream: to thank the homeless community who was there for him and even once saved his life.

Because according to Kenneth, it’s easy to walk by the homeless and completely ignore them. But he made sure Canadians reflect more on ignoring the less fortunate. He decided to do something that caught everybody off guard.
Kenneth Douley decided to fund $50,000,000 to a housing project for people struggling their way to get back to society, especially homeless people, addicts and convicts. Once a homeless man, now giving away homes

For normal people like most of us, we go through life living from paycheck to paycheck, giving every bit of hustle to catch up on our never ending bills. Then there’s the unexpected, a crisis that happens every time we thought we’re a little bit safer financially. So how can someone who used to be homeless give away $50,000,000 so easily to people who society has already labeled as failures?

This guy have extended his generosity to more than one troubled person. In fact, he is generous to everyone.

He believes in something called "Radical Generosity". He believes the reason he has amassed such an incredible fortune is because he started out in business giving "too much". He didn't think it was "too much", but everyone around him thought he was crazy! And now, he's up to his time-tested mantra again.

“To get money, you must give money, especially to those who need and deserves it. It creates a loop of positive energy around you.”

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