Woman sees crying man forced to throw gift in airport trash – what she digs out breaks her heart...

I love receiving gifts, but nothing beats finding and giving the perfect gift to someone special.

There’s no better feeling than giving someone a heartfelt gift and watching their reaction when they open it – it’s a precious feeling!

That’s exactly what Greg and Ana Lowry were looking forward to when they were making their way to visit their newly adopted granddaughter. They were overjoyed that they could finally welcome the little girl to the family, and had a special gift for her to help her remember the moment forever.

Sadly, when they got to the security gate at the airport, they were forced to throw the gift in the trash. 

Paula James and her boyfriend were waiting at Toronto International Airport when they saw the incident happen.

“I witnessed a man being told that he was not allowed to take his package on the plane,” Paula writes on a Facebook post. “The guy looked at the officer and said ‘Could I leave it at the airport in the lost and found. It’s a snowglobe for my adopted grandchild.'”

But sadly, the officer was unsympathetic to the man’s request.

“The officer replied ‘Put it in file 13’ and pointed at the garbage can,” Paula writes on Facebook. “The man was hurt and threw it in the garbage.”

We love you, Mama and Papa

When Paula saw the man walking away from the trashcan crying, it touched her heart. Her boyfriend decided to go to the trash can and retrieve the package. When they opened the package, they discovered something that touched their hearts. The gift was a snowglobe containing photos of the couple and the little girl.

It was engraved with the message: We love you Jessica, Mama and Papa 1/3/18.

We loved hearing this story so much that we decided to send the family a gift to show our appreciation!

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